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The 2nd Asia-Pacific Gathering on Human Rights and Extractives

In 2018, the first Asia-Pacific Gathering on Human Rights and Extractives (AP Gathering) was convened in Semarang, Indonesia. It produced an action agenda and facilitated the improved coordination of advocacy work among national campaigns focused on extractives and human rights.

Since March 2020, the COVID19 pandemic has severely impacted mining-affected communities and environmental rights defenders. The strict and inadequate health protocols set by the government have resulted in lost lives and livelihoods, but at the same time, the region witnessed renewed aggressive promotion and expansion of extractive activities such as mining, oil, gas, plantations, and large dam projects.

Join the 2nd AP Gathering event on Oct. 21-22 to contribute to strengthening the capacities and relevance of a regional platform of interaction among advocates and campaigners. Specifically, the meeting hopes to:

1. Update the members on the impacts of COVID to current work on resisting extractives and the response of affected communities;

2. Review the status of the action agenda adopted in 2018 and identify priority actions for 2022 and beyond;

3. Re-constitute the governing mechanism of the AP Gathering to enhance the effectiveness of the regional platform

Click the link to register:


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