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2018 Call for Proposals: EnDefense Program

Good day, everyone! We are pleased to announce that the Environmental Defense Program is now open for proposals. The EnDefense Program is a funding mechanism for litigation and related legal actions that seek to protect the country's environment and natural resources. The program is part of the agreement between the Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE) and the Forest Foundation Philippines (formerly known as the Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation) to facilitate collaboration between them and their partners in areas of mutual interest in the Philippines, and to make available resources for projects that they will co-finance. The Alternative Law Groups (ALG) acts as the Administrator of the EnDefense Program. Now on its fifth phase, the EnDefense Program supports cases that have a direct link to, or impact on, environmental conservation and protection. The program supports cases that pursue legal sanctions against environmental law violators, and those that seek to question, or defend, the constitutionality or validity of laws and policy issuance that affect the rights of communities, or that have a significant impact on environmental protection.

Click here for

the complete details (guidelines and application forms)


Thank you and we look forward to reading your proposals!


Patricia Alvarez

IEC Coordinator

Alternative Law Groups

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