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ATM supports barricade in Homonhon against mining firm

ATM Press Release | April 11, 2024

Alyansa Tigil Mina expressed support to the residents of Homonhon Island who put up a barricade to protest the encroachment of Emir Mineral Resources Corporation in the political territory of their local goverment.

"We laud the residents of Homonhon for bravely standing up against the violations of Emir mining company," said Jaybee Garganera, ATM National Coordinator. "We fully support them in their fight as we call on the DENR to hold the mining firm accountable."

The Barangay Council of Brgy. Bitaugan, community residents and members of Homonhon Environmental and Rights Defenders (HEARD) set up the barricade last April 3 to denounce the encroachment of Emir's mining operations into the Barangay's area.

According to Carmi Macapagao of HEARD, a member of ATM, Emir's mining tenement did not include the area of Brgy. Bitaugan, which is one of the major producers of calamansi in Eastern Samar.

"Also, Emir's Special Mine Permit already expired last January 19, 2024. Their MPSA was allegedly approved in February, but no copy has yet been produced," Macapagao said.

Macapagao also said that Emir cleared some areas without showing any tree cutting permit.

The residents are demanding that mining operations stop while the mining company is investigated for its violations.


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