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ATM Press Release: Palawan Rock Pile and Protest Action

BROOKE'S POINT, PALAWAN – Citizens of Barangay Maasin led a protest action on March 7, 2020, against the Ipilan Nickel Inc. that resulted in the local government declaring the mining company permanently closed.

The Samahan ng Magsasaka Ayaw sa Pagmimina (SMAP) led a local action in Brgy. Maasin to protest the continued operation of the Ipilan Nickel mine. In 2016, The Department of Environment and Natural Resources revoked the Environmental Compliance Certificate of the Ipilan Nickel mine. Additionally, on August 26, 2018, the company's Mineral Production Sharing Agreement with the government expired and has not been renewed since. As such, SMAP conducted a protest action in front of the Ipilan Nickel Inc.'s Main Gate to question the continued construction of inner roads and a small hydroelectric plant within the compound of the mining site.

SMAP's action enabled them to converse with the management of the mining company and the local government unit of Brooke's Point, led by Mayor Jean Feliciano. After, their dialogue Mayor Feliciano declared the mine permanently closed. Additionally, members of SMAP dismantled the mining checkpoint and fences and created a rock pile to prevent entry into the mining site. This rock pile represents a people's barricade and the continued opposition of the citizens of Brgy. Maasin against destructive mining.

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