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Anti-mining groups condemn violent incident in Sibuyan that left two hurt

Press Statement | February 3, 2023

Two Sibuyan residents were hurt when mining trucks of Altai Philippines Mining Company carrying nickel ore pushed their way through the barricades put up by the community as they demanded the suspension of mining operations to protect their island’s ecosystems. Sibuyan residents tried to prevent the trucks from passing through but unfortunately failed as the trucks, aided by the police, forced their way through the human barricade and left two injured. “We strongly condemn this violent incident. We strongly condemn the connivance of the mining company and the Philippine National Police including local politicians,” said Rodne Galicha, Executive-Director of Living Laudato Si. “Hinahanap naming ang tunay na batas sa Sibuyan. Bakit ang mga tumutulong para maipatupad ang batas, lalo na ang pangangalaga sa kalikasan ay siyang tinuturing na kalaban?” said Elizabeth Ibanez, Coordinator of Sibuyanons Against Mining (SAM). Jaybee Garganera, National Coordinator of Alyansa Tigil Mina, said “the violent incident involving the police no less, is a direct affront to the will of the Sibuyan residents.” “The police should have ensured a peaceful protest and respected the position of the Sibuyan people against the mining company. They have no business taking the side of the mining company, especially that the Altai mining have no necessary permits for their operations,” he said.


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