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ATM Reaction on Signing of DAO 2021-40; on DENR Lifting of the Ban Open Pit Mining

Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM)| December 28, 2021

(Photo used by Marylou Verano)

ATM is deeply dismayed by the signing of the DAO on lifting the ban on open-pit mining. This is a cruel Christmas gift from DENR and a truly ironic act of cowardice and betrayal from DENR Sec. Cimatu and Pres. Duterte.

At this time when climate change brings devastating typhoons such as Odette, lifting the ban on open pit mining is a short-sighted and misplaced development priority of the government. Once again, the Duterte regime puts more premium to its flawed economic agenda categorizing destructive mining as an “essential industry” as part of the pandemic recovery.

This is simply not true, historically or statistically. ATM will continue to resist the efforts of this govt to plunder our remaining forests and natural resources. We will support affected communities and local governments who continue to oppose mining.

We hope this will be an eye-opener for all environmentalists to be more pro-active in engaging in the 2022 elections. All green groups must unite to reject Dutertismo and prevent the return of a Marcos who will push for more policies that will destroy or environment and plunder our natural resources. #


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