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ATM Statement on PBBM’s first year as President

ATM Statement | June 30, 2023

Today marks the first year since President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. took office. Yet, only one year into his presidency and we can already see a more hostile mining industry, hell-bent on conducting mining operations to the point of violating laws and disregarding people’s will.

Alyansa Tigil Mina is dismayed at the aggressive revitalization of the mining industry in the midst of mounting resistance by mining-affected communities. Such are the cases in Sibuyan Island, Romblon; in Brooke’s Pt., Palawan and in Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. We are extremely disappointed that the PBBM administration and the DENR have pursued the mining policy of the Duterte presidency instead of revoking Executive Order 130 and re-instituting the ban on open pit mining, despite the numerous violations against our environmental laws and non-compliance with mining contracts.

Also, it appears that mining corporations are enjoying their links with the Presidency. Mining is heavily promoted and justified by government despite its destructive impacts on the environment and communities. We are keenly aware that mining companies owned by members of Congress or those with close links to elected officials are aggressively entering communities despite the lack of consultations or consent from local authorities.

Despite the real risks and threats of a changing climate and the impacts it will bering to a vulnerable country like the Philippines, the government remains blind to the links of expanded mining projects and its links to land-use changes and climate change.

In the face of these challenges, we stand in solidarity with all mining-affected communities, who are mobilizing in various ways to demand for a halt in mining operations. We also support the numerous local government units who are asserting their rights to promote the welfare of their constituents.

Finally, we will not waver in our advocacy for the repeal of RA 7942 or the Mining Act of the Philippines and the enactment of a new mining law that would rationalize mining in our country and ensure that Filipinos will enjoy a sound and health environment for this and the generations.


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