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ATM Statement on the Resignation of Finance Undersecretary Cielo Magno

ATM Statement | September 8, 2023

Alyansa Tigil Mina expresses its full support to Finance Undersecretary Cielo Magno for her principled and firm stance concerning the country’s finance policies.

We find her resignation unsurprising as she has virtually been forced out of government because of her outspoken and strong positions on transparency and good governance. For one, her advocacy for increased taxes on mining corporations was clearly inconsistent with the agenda of House Speaker Martin Romualdez and contributed to her unpopularity inside the government.

We strongly disagree with the statement issued by the Office of the Executive Secretary that Prof. Magno was set on maligning this government. In truth, she is only competently doing her job and sincerely serving the people and not the interest of political dynasties.

We stand with Prof. Magno and wish her well in her endeavors as she continues to create change and make an impact working with various groups and individuals. We thank her for her unadulterated service to the nation.

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