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Envi group calls on DENR to resist greed of mining companies

ATM Statement | September 21, 2023

Expressing their opposition to destructive large-scale mining, members of Alyansa Tigil Mina trooped to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and called on the agency to “uphold green and resist greed”.

Chanting “Pumanig sa Tao, ‘Wag sa Negosyo”, the protestors urged DENR Sec. Toni Yulo-Loyzaga to stop seabed quarrying activities and cancel mining contracts in Sibuyan, Romblon and Brooke’s Point, Palawan instead of catering to the interests of mining companies.

Jaybee Garganera, ATM National Coordinator criticized the “greed” that drives mining corporations to disregard the impact of mining on the environment and communities as he questioned the rhetoric of mining companies that they are for “responsible” mining.

“Responsible mining is a myth. In reality, there is no evidence that it exists. We do not know what that means since there are no parameters to measure such,” Garganera said.

The protestors posted a replica of a large logo of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP) to register their criticism of the recently-concluded COMP International Conference and Exhibition, of which Sec. Loyzaga was a speaker.

“The conference’s buzzword “sustainability” is another vague term that shrouds the real negative impacts of mining, namely loss of biodiversity, flora and fauna; soil degradation; health hazards; displacement of communities and many others,” he added alluding to the COMP’s theme: “Seeing Green: Shaping a Sustainable Minerals Development Industry”.

“We seriously doubt if the mining industry is capable of ‘seeing green’ as what we see is their greed playing out in several mining-affected communities,” he said.

ATM’s protest action is one of many activities during their “Mining Hell Week”, a week-long event to raise awareness and discuss vital issues surrounding mining. It also highlights the calls in mining-affected communities to stop damaging mining operations.


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