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Father Dexter Toledo, former AMRSP secretary joins his Creator at 37

"Fr. Dexter is at the center, wearing Franciscan brown habit, during the ECOJIM-GCCM press conference in 2015"

In memoriam - Fr. Dexter Toledo - I remember meeting Fr. Dex Toledo for the first time during the preparatory meetings for the Green Thumb Coalition (GTC). He was a constant companion of then Bro. Angel Cortez, and the two of them were alternately representing the Franciscans and AMRSP in the various work around climate justice and human rights.

Fr. Dexter was a welcoming persona and gave a fresh perspective on the environmental issues we were all working on. He was just newly-ordained and he was both excited and committed to this apostolate. Later on, when he became a regular anchor at Radyo Veritas, he displayed this combination of compassion and sharp understanding of the links between doing our social action and sharing the Good News of the Lord.

Fr. Dex contributed in the founding and early work of the Green Thumb Coalition (GTC) and the Ecological Justice Interfaith Movement (ECOJIM). For ATM, the OFM, together with Fr. Pete Montellana, Fr. Dexter and Fr. Angel worked with the human rights community to animate the Tao Muna - Hindi Mina alliance.

Fr. Dex joined his creator much too early, but we understand that God has plans for everyone.

Fr. Dex will remain to be an inspiration to many of us at ATM and GTC.

- Jaybee Garganera, ATM National Coordinator and GTC Co-Convenor


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