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I would like to address this deceptive impression for some or if not a fiction most probably, to everybody specially those who are in the higher authority that there will be a mammoth disaster that might occur in a blink of an eye if we are not serious to take quick respond in saving our Mother Nature. Her present condition is very crucial due to our personal interest and self-centeredness. It cannot be denied that mining, illegal logging, illegal fishing, charcoal making and irresponsible waste disposals are the main roots of the problem. Thus, I am begging you to take legal action in order to STOP the above mentioned activities which I believe detrimental on the part of our dear Mother Earth.

Do we have a kind heart and the spirit of volunteerism in the pursuit of saving Mother Earth? Sometimes yes, but most of the time we don’t have. Saving the life of the Mother Nature is the greatest achievement as God’s living creations. If you don’t mind, let me tell you something about Mother Earth. This might be an absurdity for today but it could be a reality someday. Planet Earth is almost the same with the human body.

The individuals who are living from the different corners of the world are just like human cells occupying the human body. The cells are classified as good and bad or cancer cells. Those individuals who are actively involved in the combat against mining, illegal logging, illegal fishing, charcoal making and etc. are the good cells, while those who are engaged and reluctant to stop these activities are the bad or cancer cells. If Planet Earth is being dominated with the cancer cells definitely SHE could not survive even in a short span of time.

If we only notice, SHE is badly sick now. Persistent of its symptoms like – global warming, climate change and natural calamities are glaring indications that she is now in need of a proper medication. On the other hand, the good cells in the human body are extremely vital. When the good cells are controlled with the bad or cancer cells the human body will not survive for a long time until it will requiescat in pace (RIP). Believe it or not, Mother Earth has four (4) major organs just like the human body – the plant/trees is the heart, the land is the liver, sea/water is the kidneys and the air which is the lungs. Aside from the four (4) major organs research showed that Mother Earth contains more or less 70% of water almost identical with the human body which is 75% and 65% of water for young and adult respectively. Mother Earth is a living planet. She is our spiritual Mother. You and I are just like human being in her womb. She gives us everything we need in order for us to live and survive. But without hesitations, we keep on hurting her by digging the minerals from her liver (land), by contributing polluted smoke to her lungs (air), by disposing toxic chemicals and garbage to her kidneys (sea/water) and by cutting millions of nerves and veins from the heart (trees).

Many of us are now suffering from the different kinds of cancer an acceptable manifestation that Mother Earth suffered the same. Undeniably, many of us are searching for the most effective life enhancer. But how many of us are conscious and cautious enough with the status of our dear Mother Earth at present? How many of us are seeking a genuine and precise solution for HER quick restoration who is now suffering from pains due to an illness. The time has come to do many things for the good of our dear Mother Earth – a better place to enjoy and stay in the universe. Biblically speaking, a warning given by an experience person to all people to someone who is willing to listen is more valuable than…….a jewelry made of a finest gold. I do hope this will enlighten to each and every one of us.

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