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ATM Statement on the First SONA of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

ATM Statement | July 25, 2022

We are deeply disappointed that environmental issues, specifically about mining, appears to be a low priority of the Marcos administration, after listening to his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), delivered today at the Batasan Pambansa.

While climate change was woven in agriculture, health and energy themes, Marcos, Jr. was distressingly silent about mining issues, human rights, indigenous and women rights, extra judicial killings and environmental defenders.

We noted the thin references to environment limited to motherhood statements about “preserving the earth is preserving life” and that “corporation exploiting our natural resources are expected to comply with our laws”.

This confirms our fear that Marcos, Jr. has very low awareness about environmental issues in general and mining issues and conflicts in particular. It is either Marcos, Jr. doesn’t recognize the links between mining, deforestation and climate change or he is careful not to offend the mining industry which has connections to some powerful politicians in the current government, including many who hold elective positions.

Our alliance remains hopeful that Sec. Yulo-Loyzaga will rely on science and use evidence-based policy and decision-making in her stint at the DENR.


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