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ATM Statement on Fast-tracking of Mining Permits

ATM Statement | May 13, 2024

We disagree with the DENR that fast-tracking the permits for more mining projects should be prioritized by the government.

While digitalization and parallel-processing will address red-tape and potential corruption, the DENR must focus on increasing its capacities to monitor, assess and penalize erring mining companies for their violations or non-compliance.

We reiterate our assertion that revitalizing the mining industry here in the Philippines to respond to the transition minerals requirement of China, US and EU are misplace policies. To pursue more nickel and copper mining without strengthening the regulatory effectiveness of DENR will create a disastrous situation for affected communities.

In the long run, we are afraid that DENR and the national government will be creating more “sacrifice zones” in the name of extracting these transition minerals, while failing to secure a more stable and responsive renewable energy sector here in our country.


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