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Investigate election irregularities and hold culprits accountable - ATM

Press Statement | Alyansa Tigil Mina | May 19, 2022

More than a week after the elections, unofficial results show the Marcos-Duterte tandem winning a landslide victory. Yet, this victory is tarnished with reported irregularities – ranging from massive vote-buying, malfunctioning VCMs, disenfranchisement of voters, violation of election laws such as the distribution of sample ballots inside polling precincts, and allegations of electronic vote rigging.

We demand impartial and speedy investigations on these irregularities and the full accountability of the culprits, including those responsible for the defective vote counting machines.

On a more worrisome aspect we emphasize that the apparent Marcos-Duterte victory is a result of widespread disinformation and collusion among powerful political dynasties, and persistent red-tagging against the opposition.

A decade of historical revisionism and relentless propaganda created the myths of the Marcoses and the Dutertes, shaping the political decisions of Filipinos with lies. The well-oiled political machinery, the misinformation and disinformation prevalent in social media and the unbelievable amount of money that circulated in this election has reduced the sacred rite of voting into an exercise of political profit.

We anticipate that in the years to come, the country’s governance will be marred by deeper and wider disinformation as the administration will facilitate more extractive and exploitative modes of development.

We fear that human rights and civic space will be further eroded and we will be unable to effectively address and respond to climate change impacts.

As a national alliance fighting against destructive mining and clamoring for the effective and rational management of our natural resources, we shall remain vigilant to check and expose any abuse by the government.

We renew our commitment to human rights and environmental justice as we continue to stand with the mine-affected communities.

Along with other civil society groups and social movements, we shall protect democratic spaces and continually raise our voices for progressive policies, good governance and social justice.

Photo used by : The Manila Times


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