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Sikad-Padyak laban sa Mining Act Sikaran! Tadyakan! RA 7942 Wakasan!

Sikad-Padyak laban sa Mining Act of 1995 Sikaran! Tadyakan! Mining Act of 1995 Wakasan!

June 20, 2013 – 8am @ DENR – Send-off program

Sikad Padyak to Supreme Court, P Faura Manila

There is an ongoing Supreme Court oral argument on the constitutionality of Secs. 80 and 81 of RA 7942. The said sections pertain to the revenue sharing between the mining companies and the government. The scheme of revenue sharing in the said articles is very disadvantageous in the part of the government.

In June 25 there will be a 2nd part of the oral argument to be held in Supreme Court, Manila. The first was held in Baguio last April 16. The first oral argument was attended by more than a hundred of community members from the FTAA affected areas and their support group to show their protest against the mining act of 1995. ATM mobilized people from the two sites of struggles namely Zambales and Nueva Viscaya.

In this 2nd oral argument, ATM will project again its opposition and of the Site of Struggles to the existence of the FTAA and to call for the repeal of the mining act 1995. Also this will serve as a part of the campaign on Tao Muna Hindi Mina that calls for the government to give priorities to the human rights of the communities before the greed for revenue that they will be getting from the mining industries.

Makisikad-padyak na!

For more details, please contact: Jonal (ATM) 09175915472 <> Farah (ATM) 09235122374 <> Erwin (LRC-KSK) 09175853817 <> Egay (TFDP) 09219645017 <>

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