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ATM Statement on DENR recommendation to declare more mineral reservations

ATM opposes any move of the DENR to declare additional mineral reservation areas. Once an area is declared as a mineral reservation, the regular safeguards can be potentially set aside to fast-track the permitting and approval process for a mining project. These includes watering the down the FPIC process for indigenous peoples and over-riding the rights of LGUs to reject miningg applications.

A mineral reservation status can also lift the protected area status of watersheds and biodiversity areas. Mineral reservation status can also reverse the land use of prime agricultural lands and areas covered by CARP or agrarian reform.

We don't believe that additional revenues can be collected via mineral

reservations because these areas are also given additional incentives such as tax holidays.

DENR should prioritize the passage of a new fiscal (taxation) regime for mining industry, rather than push for more mineral reservations.

For more details, pls contact:

Jaybee Garganera, ATM National Coordinator


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