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ATM Press Release - Protecting the environment is defending human rights

December 10, 2018

ATM Press Statement

Protecting the environment is defending human rights

As the world celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the United Declaration on Human Rights, Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) joins the broader human rights community in demanding the fulfillment of all human rights for all.

Our alliance believes that a good life is based on a sound and healthy environment. If the land and environment is destroyed by destructive projects such as mining, logging, coal fired power plants, and large dams, lives and livelihoods are sacrificed.

When forests are denuded and our water sources contaminated by mining, agriculture and our right to adequate food and potable water are compromised.

For every tree cut down by irresponsible mining, the risks and threats of landslides and floods to vulnerable communities in geo-hazard areas are increased.

Women bear the multiple burdens of environmental degradation when water sources and food sources are compromised by destructive mining.

Indigenous peoples face the threats of eviction and cultural displacement when mining without the IPs’ consent encroach in their ancestral domain. Indigenous women are exposed to increased harm.

In the context of climate change, every hectare of forest and every river defended by environmental activists and land-rights defenders is a contribution to address mitigation and adaptation demands.

Defending the environment is defending the future of the next generation.

ATM demands that the Duterte administration deliver its promise that it will protect the environment for future generations of Filipinos. The closure and suspension of large-scale mining that violated environmental laws must be enforced.

We also call on President Duterte to immediately issue an Executive Order that puts a ban on open-pit mining. This was a promise he has repeatedly made in public announcements, including in his recent SONA. It is time that Pres. Duterte delivers on this promise, as his words are not enough to address the environmental crisis faced by communities affected by mining. #

For more information:

Jaybee Garganera, ATM National Coordinator, (0917) 549.82.18 <>

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