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ATM Statement on SC Writ of Kalikasan Decision

ATM Statement | July 4, 2023

Alyansa Tigil Mina hails the Supreme Court Resolution issuing a writ of kalikasan against the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mines and Geosciences Bureau, and Altai Philippines Mining Corp.

The SC decision is a step towards ensuring the right to a safe environment and healthful ecology of the residents of Sibuyan Island. The writ of kalikasan is a protective measure that holds accountable the DENR, MGB and Altai Philippines for damages to the environment from mining operations.

We laud the residents of Sibuyan for their proactive and unwavering struggle against destructive mining in their island. Their petition to the Supreme Court that has now yielded positive gains reinforces their firm resistance on the ground.

We hope that in the coming days, their fight to protect the “Galapagos of Asia” would eventually result in the cancellation of Ipilan Nickel’s Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA). We express our continued and strong support to the anti-mining struggle of the Sibuyan people.

We pledge to persist in raising issues with concerned government agencies and the general public on the negative impacts of mining. We further vow to exhaust all possible actions, including support to legal remedies and policy measures, to end destructive mining in communities.


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