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Brooke’s Point Residents Blame Mining for Flashfloods and Loss of Livelihoods

ATM Statement | January 12, 2023

Residents of Brooke’s Point blame mining for the devastation they suffered due to flashfloods after a low pressure area hit hard the province’s food basket.

According to news reports, 3,903 families or 19,292 individuals were evacuated to temporary shelters due to the floodings.

In her Facebook page, Brooke’s Point Vice-Mayor Mary Jean Feliciano threw rhetorical questions on who suffers more in times of disasters – the rich or the poor? She furthers asks who profits more when there is mining in a place – the owners of the mining company or the workers?

“Mining has to stop, otherwise, we will continue to lose our livelihoods and endanger our lives. We have become so helpless against continuous rainfall because there are no longer trees to stop the occurrence of flashfloods. Mining has destroyed our environment and the people suffer greatly because of it.,” said Vic Colili.

According to Colili, residents are angry that “Ipilan Nickel has disrespected and destroyed nature.” They appeal for support for the damage caused by the floods. But at the same time, they renewed their commitment to fight against mining so as to avoid further devastation.

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