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ATM reaction on Philippines rejoining EITI

ATM Statement | September 10, 2022

ATM welcomes the announcement of the DoF on the country’s re-joining EITI. It’s important that the country sustain the momentum in pushing greater transparency and accountability in the extractive sector in the Philippines. We believe that EITI procedures and mechanisms play a critical role in ensuring that mining companies comply with their contractual and financial obligations as well as the government’s capacity to monitor the industry effectively.

We expect that the extractive industry itself will intensify its efforts to have more mining corporations become EITI-compliant. We also expect the government, especially DoF and DENR, to perform a more pronounced role in making EITI a relevant and meaningful platform where mining-affected communities and environmental organization can feel safe to engage.

Rejoining EITI is in the best interest of the Philippines, as stakeholders strive to address the issues against illegal and destructive mining. We share the aspiration that EITI can contribute to ensure that mining taxes and revenues are truthfully paid to government and redound to benefit the communities and the country. #RepealMiningAct


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