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Never Again to Martial Law and Plunder of our Natural Resources

Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) joins the cry of the people to resist dictatorship and reject any return of authoritarian rule in the Philippines.

Dictators and plunder environment and natural resources as commodities they can extract profit. We witnessed this during Martial Law under Marcos, as his cronies greedily ate up our forests and minerals and pocketed the profits, leaving the country vulnerable to long-terms effects of environmental destruction.

We reject dictators who use lies and violence to further their agenda of accumulating wealth and power for their own agenda.

As the Philippines is one of the deadliest countries for environmental rights defenders, we must never allow the return of Martial Law and prevent the rise of authoritarian rules who betray nature and the people who are defending it.

We face unprecedented challenges brough by climate change and this pandemic, and the last thing we need are despots and narrow-minded militaristic leadership that do not respect human rights or fail to understand sustainable development.

We must never forget. We must never again allow martial law. #

For more details, please contact:

Jaybee Garganera ATM National Coordinator, (+63917) 5498218,


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